Saturday, September 13, 2008

Buckets of rain

Posted by Craig on 9/13/2008
Rain, rain, and more rain. That's been the theme of the last 24-36 hours and it's going to be the theme of the next 24-36 hours too.

Here's the look outside my bedroom window just moments ago:

We had an especially bad storm last night, about 4 a.m. or so. It was just absolutely pouring - in buckets - and it was windy too. Woke me up during the night, but actually I found it kind of refreshing. I like rain. Fortunately, I didn't have my window open (some nights I do here), but it was still real easy to hear the storm outside. No thunder. Just rain.

As for the latest with me -- I had my first class Thursday and it went really well. Yesterday I relaxed most of the day. I taught my roommate from Syria how to play Yahtzee and played that for a bit. Today I went to the Chicago Public Library and got a library card, so if I ever need any books or anything I can head over there now. Later today, in about a half hour actually, I'm going to head up to the North Side to visit a friend from St. John Fisher, Jackie, who graduated with me. She's also going to school in Chicago, but not DePaul. I'll spend an hour or so up there, then I'll be back at my place. Maybe some homework tonight, Bills tomorrow at Jacksonville.

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