Thursday, September 25, 2008

Empty buses

Posted by Craig on 9/25/2008
Classes are going well. I have an internship now, just started this week - with the Chi-Town Daily News, an online-only newspaper. Check out the site now and then to see what I'm up to.

After record rainfall not too long ago - documented in one of my previous blogs(!) - we've had nothing but sun all of this week. It's been nice, but I'm starting to wonder what's up with that! Seriously, I like rain now and then...and precipitation in general. I'm looking forward to the snow, actually - winter's my favorite season.

Other than that, something has just been bothering me for a few days now. Empty buses. The Chicago Transit Authority does a great job of running public transportation in this city, but so often at night, I see buses and El trains go by that are completely and totally empty! Now these just keep operating, all the time, going to their stops, etc.

I know it's a big city and a big city never sleeps, and you never know when someone might get stranded somewhere (heck, I might someday - I sure hope not though), so you need to keep the public transportation running, but WHAT A WASTE OF FUEL/MONEY having these empty buses/trains going all over town when no one's riding them.

And more than that, it just looks really eerie. Seeing that vacant bus go by is just an odd sight; buses are SUPPOSED to have people on them! And at some points of rush hour here in Chi-Town, it's standing room only, which I've experienced. So empty buses/trains is just really, really awkward, and they stand out like a sore eye.

Weird rant, I know. It's just been on my mind. Such is life in a big city. I like living here in some ways, but let me be clear - I miss the peace and quiet of the suburbs!! You guys reading this back home in WNY - consider yourself fortunate to live in such a peaceful environment!

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