Sunday, September 7, 2008

Exploring the city

Posted by Craig on 9/07/2008
Today was a day spent exploring downtown with Nicole. Tomorrow we're getting Daylong Train Passes and we're checking out the outlying neighborhoods, including Wrigleyville, home of the Cubs.

Being this is only my second trip ever to the city, and I just got here yesterday, the majority of the stuff we saw, I've never seen before. One thing I realized is there's a TON of nature around here, and I really like that. A big contrast to NYC. Many of the city streets downtown are lined with trees, bushes, fountains, all sorts of things - they definitely understand the concept of landscaping here. And it's done wonderfully. There's also a ton of parks along Lake Michigan, and we checked those out - from Grant Park to Millennium Park and several smaller ones.

We saw the Chicago Tribune building and we saw the building that Barack Obama calls home...233 North Michigan Ave. Here's some pictures from our excursion today.

2 comments on "Exploring the city"

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. especially the last one, cool reflection! Sounds like there is alot to see and do, and good you are able to see the lay of the land,including the beauty of the city.

Craig on September 8, 2008 at 11:05 AM said...

thanks for the comment! glad you liked the pictures. if you look close i'm the little guy in the middle of that reflection (it's called "the bean" and it's basically a giant reflection of the whole city, it's cool)....i'm wearing a bills jersey!!


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