Friday, October 10, 2008

And Buffalo wins

Posted by Craig on 10/10/2008
Thank God Playstation was wrong.

A solid, character 2-1 shootout win over Montreal tonight in the home opener. Reminiscent of two years ago, when the Sabres started the year at HSBC Arena with a shootout win over the Habs, 5-4, minus all the offense. I was at that game!

Of course Buffalo went on to the Eastern Conference Finals that year.

It is only one game, as they say! But definitely a big win tonight over a team many are picking to go to the Stanley Cup Finals.

I was able to watch the game online at They have a free preview weekend and they're streaming games live. Unfortunately, the Sabres next game is Monday afternoon, so I may not get to see any more games (though I'm going to their Dec. 22 game vs. Pitt, and Jan. 14 right here in Chicago). No NHL Network, VS, or anything like that in my cable plan.

I WILL be listening to Buffalo's games on the radio though, and I'll follow them closely online. Let's keep it up and have a good year---Go Sabres!

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