Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The great debate

Posted by Craig on 11/26/2008
Before I head back to Western New York for the holidays (I leave in just a few hours), I wanted to get this post up real quick.

I want to have a little winter project that I can play with from time to time - mostly, just for fun. I want to do something with either Joomla (develops Content Management Systems) or Flash (develops applications/animations).

I know little of Joomla and just the basics of Flash. But I currently have a free trial to, which teaches you how to use either, so I want to focus on one of the two to really get a handle of it.

Here's where you come in. What should be my "winter break project"?

Let your voice be heard! Take the poll here:

Whatever the results are when I get back home, I'll go with that. A little bit better than flipping a coin, I think. Thanks!

UPDATE (11/28): Results are 95% Flash, 5% Joomla. I'll go with the Flash then. Thanks for those who voted!

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