Thursday, November 20, 2008

One class down, one to go

Posted by Craig on 11/20/2008
I've officially closed the book on my first ever grad school class, Campaign Reporting 2008 (aka: Political Reporting) with longtime Chicago Tribune reporter Mike Conklin. What a class it was - absolutely loved it. Practical experience was emphasized, rather than studying theory or learning from a textbook, and I got to cover a ton of stuff.

I worked with the Associated Press on Election Night, was at a watch party for the VP Debate at the Chicago History Museum and did a story on that, got to attend and put together a video on the Obama Rally at Grant Park, went to Obama's Illinois Headquarters and wrote about that, featured Mikva Challenge, a non-partisan political organization that works with young people in Chicago, etc.

I'm now two papers, a 3-pager and an 8-pager, away from completing my first quarter as a graduate student, and a most welcome return home to Western New York to visit with loved ones, celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas, catch a Sabres game at HSBC, kick in 2009, and turn 23 years old. Can't wait to see my family, my girlfriend, and friends back home!

I'll leave detailed reflection for later, but briefly, the experience has gone extremely well. In fact, it's been a smoother transition than I thought it would be. I think I've adapted to living in this new place far quicker than I anticipated too. I've also plunged into it full force, have put an emphasis on networking and have met so many wonderful people, and I've kept up on writing/practical experience as well. In addition, I still feel the way I always have about this decision - it's the right one for me. DePaul's been nothing but great, I've learned so much, and I'm opening up my eyes to a whole new world having the chance to live in Chicago.

But all the while, it hasn't changed who I am. I proudly tell people I meet I'm from Buffalo, N.Y. I've still closely followed the Sabres, Bills, Buffalo News, etc. I'm still infinitely tied to my roots and my hometown, always will be. So for those back home, you should know that! And I remain so gracious to have the wonderful parents and family that I have, as well as many great friends and my wonderful girlfriend Nicole back home. For these reasons, I'm extremely excited about coming back for break. I love you guys and no matter where I go, always will.

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