Monday, January 12, 2009

About a foot

Posted by Craig on 1/12/2009
We got about a foot of snow in the city this past weekend.

My reaction? Hardly fazed me. We've lived through this before - so many times back home in Buffalo. Some others panicked - literally.

It was in some ways comical to watch people get all worked up as the storm approached and hit downtown. Many of these people were from southern states and had never seen so much snow; others were Chicago natives who kept saying it was a "major storm." To me, again, it didn't seem like much. I've experienced far worse.

I'll admit there was heavy snow at times. There were some whiteouts. One night, you couldn't even see the Sears Tower. But again, I grew up with this white stuff all my life. And I've grown to love it. Winter, after all, is my favorite season.

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