Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taking in a roadie

Posted by Craig on 1/15/2009
Last night, I attended my first ever Buffalo Sabres game on the road.

It was right here in Chicago, and why wouldn't I go to this game? Actually got the tickets back in September. I've been looking forward to it for a while.

I proudly wore my Jason Pominville jersey around town throughout the day and to the game. The great irony: I was also wearing Chicago Blackhawks gloves. Was actually asked about it while waiting for the El after the game - "Kind of clashes, doesn't it?" Nope... :) Got them for free at a Hawks-Wings game last year, and I have a great deal of respect for the Hawks. Doesn't hurt that Patrick Kane is from Buffalo and that I also blog about them (Hawkey Central).

Probably the best part of this game was that my sister flew in from Buffalo last evening for it, and she flew back this morning really early. To be exact, she got in at about 6 for the 7:30 game. It was cutting it close, but it ended up working out OK and was a ton of fun.

Sabres lost 4-1 but it was a fun game. Tons of Sabres fans in our section and plenty of Let's Go Buffalo chants. And I happened to get video footage of the Sabres only goal. Here it is:

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